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US-China Trade Negotiations Rightly Includes Resolution on Huawei’s Contributions

The decision to lift some of the restrictions on Huawei is a prudent and mutually beneficial move.  As matter of negotiating chip, there are still many pending restrictions on Huawei.  The US administration should consider relaxing the restrictions further.  Such action will not only engender the goodwill of Chinese government, it will also enhance the productivity and innovation.


Trump administration deserves credit for its likely success in its negotiations with China on commerce and trade. However, not only business and commerce but geo-political considerations also urge a solution to Huawei situation. After all, China’s government is deeply interested in a solution to this issue. Further, other countries may not only gain a technological lead but also geo-political advantage by engaging with Huawei. Apart from UK which is considering engagement with Huawei, so are Canada (on how to repair the relations) and Switzerland.