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The Endless Roller Coaster of US-China Trade Relations, and Huawei

The United States and China have now been in what appears to be endless trade dispute with no clear path to move forward.  While this has been longer than anyone had initially anticipated, it is not surprising given that the dispute involves important, structural matters. China argues that the United States is adopting a discriminatory posture towards China, and points to banning of Hua Wei equipment and service as evidence of this.  The United States argues that China is protecting its market and not letting American products and services into China.  The US also argues that China is letting violations of Intellectual Property Rights occur without any consequences to that actor(s.)

 Whatever be the arguments, it is now time for compromise and resolution.  

Huawei Market Leadership in 5G, and Pricing Strategy for 5G Offerings

A firm that wants to increase the price should “nibble” at price increases.  That is, the increases must be small.  Preferably, small enough to be within the latitude of price acceptance which will mean that there will be no impact on the probability of purchase.  With the increase price, the reference price will also increase in the adaptive model.  As the reference price increases, price latitude will increase.  So, there is much benefit in small increments of price increases.

US-China Trade Negotiations Rightly Includes Resolution on Huawei’s Contributions

The decision to lift some of the restrictions on Huawei is a prudent and mutually beneficial move.  As matter of negotiating chip, there are still many pending restrictions on Huawei.  The US administration should consider relaxing the restrictions further.  Such action will not only engender the goodwill of Chinese government, it will also enhance the productivity and innovation.